Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Geraldo Rivera, the Great American DC Dealer

Geraldo Rivera is at it again...

10pm on Hannity, January 12, 2010, arguing in favor of the "liberating" effect of government sanctioned use of drugs, the freedom loving self-professed Libertarian Geraldo promises to smoke pot live on TV to show how much he wants the government to legalize and profit from yet another activity all parents DON'T want for their children.

In his April 17, 2009 interview with Bill O'Reilly regarding his Libertarian promotion of legalized prostitution, he stated "let's legalize it tax it." (see Geraldo Rivera, the Great American Pimp).

How good of him tonight though that he carefully left out the "tax it" part of his moral equivalent diatribe on government sanctioned drug use, instead using the words, let's "regulate it, standardize it."

The more I hear from these Libtarians, the more I do believe they are the "rinos" of the Democratic party.

Monday, July 6, 2009

1. A Leader

2. A Destroyer

1. High school basketball player, beauty queen, journalism student

2. Drug addict, failing university student

1. City mayor

2. Community organizer & Harvard law student under Affirmative Action

1. State governor 2 and a half years, deployed troops, sold the government airplane on Ebay and built her own house

2. Junior senator 1 and half years, all of it spent campaigning for President and collecting donations from George Soros.

1. Pro-life constituent

2. Voted against Infant Born Alive Protection Act

1. Raised a family of 4 while governor of a state

2. Kicked off political career in domestic terrorist Bill Ayers' living room

1. Defended right to life, future and happiness of handicapped infants, managed an entire State

2. Student of Saul Alinsky

1. Proponent of drilling for oil in Alaska

2. Dressed up in family tribal garb to support Kenyan cousin Raila Odinga in failed Kenyan election

1. Reduced government spending, tossed the GOP good old boy club

2. Allied with Chicago Mafia politicians and convicted criminal Tony Rezko, made real estate deal for personal home and never-developed Chicago welfare housing; embraced ACORN and democrat good old boys

1. Successfully defended every frivolous violations complaint, forced upon Alaskan taxpayers by left wing politicians

2. Printed one trillion unearned dollars from the U.S. Treasury, dumped the bill on U.S. taxpayers, skyrocketed unemployment to 9.5%, promised multi-billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to overseas funding of abortion, demanded massive oil and energy taxes upon the middle class and working poor, declared to the nation of Egypt that the U.S. has always been a Muslim Nation.

1. Resigned from governorship, turning it over to Lt. governor, saving Alaskans millions of dollars in more left wing frivolous lawsuit assaults

2. Agreed with Russian Prime Minister to make a deal to turn over military secrets held back by Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr.

It doesn't take rocket science to see that #1 far surpasses #2 in class, integrity, honesty and...yes, you betcha.........Experience.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Commucrats pass Globama's Con & Tax bill today

If you thought your heating and electric bills were already high, Obama's newest tax scheme, Cap & Trade, will have you living out winters in shelters soon enough - a goal I'm sure he relishes!

Of the 219-212 vote, here are the eight Republican representatives who sold out their constituents. Give 'em a call, drop 'em a line!

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack
California 45th District

Congressman Mike Castle

Congressman Mark Kirk
Illinois 10th District

Congressman Leonard Lance
New Jersey 7th District

Congressman Frank LoBiondo
New Jersey 2nd District

Congressman John McHugh
New York 23rd District

Congressman Dave Reichert
Washington 8th District

Congressman Chris Smith
New Jersey 4th District

Monday, June 22, 2009

Globama's Quandary

All the republican pundits are outraged - going on and on in the news how Barack Obama should stand up and speak against the Iranian protests and violence in the streets of Tehran.

Well, how can he when he LIKES that kind of politics? The kind where the government blocks all internet traffic, kicks out journalists, and unleashes a specialist militia force (volunteer but paid too) upon the protestors.

He easily goes to Egypt and speaks so eloquently how displaced Palestinians suffered the same level of abuse as Holocaust Jews. He publicly campaigned for a tribal clan member in the Kenyan presidential election, but then disappeared quickly when he saw the bloodshed over his clan member's defeat. He has consistently lied about his ties to underground domestic terrorists, his 20 years in a church of hatred, and his tutelage under Saul Alinsky. He openly supports redistribution of wealth and reducing the amount an individual may give to charity. He quickly and easily supported a democrat move to institute the Fairness Doctrine in the United States, then backtracked when he saw how badly it would hurt him politically. He ordered the U.S. Treasury to print about a trillion dollars of money his own taxpayers didn't have. He instituted a National Service law but removed the "required" part of it when he saw it would hurt him politically. He apologized to France for a war we did not start. He has funneled millions of dollars to ACORN, an "incorporated group of community organizers" which are tied to the Mafia and so clearly involved in voter fraud. He removed the U.S. census from the control of the People and promised to put it in the hands of ACORN. In 6 months, he has nationalized private corporate financial institutions and private companies, fired a government inspector for investigating one of his own friends and campaign contributors for misappropriation of tax funds- a "community organizer" no less, and has appointed personal campaign contributors to rule over private industry.

Globama is like a Jimmy Carter with a cuter face and a better voice. Like the Grizzly Man, Tim Treadwell, who sat his stupid airhead ass down among a bunch of wild grizzly bears and called out "I love you!"- and then got himself and his girlfriend killed. (The liberal left celebrates men like THAT). It won't be long before we're passing the Yen over the Cumby counter and wondering why we elected this glowing Community Organizer to blow kisses to grizzles and throw his family to them.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Boycott Marriage

Sounds like a real radical idea, doesn't it? But in reality if your state or federal government is approving marriage between men and men and women and women, they are CLEARLY showing that the sacred union of one man/one woman means nothing to them. Their "interpretation" of the Constitution is that it does not disallow any kind of marriage, yet - knowing fully that the intent of the Constitution does not, did not, and never would have, allowed any such kind of matrimony outside of one man/one woman.

Seeing that proponents of one man/one woman marriage are up against the odds these 200 years later, they should not fight. They should not protest, they should not complain.

Better yet, they should get a divorce from the government institution of marriage. As soon as they get divorced, go straight to their church, synagogue or temple and take vows again to confirm their marriage. Leave the State paperwork out of it. Leave the government fees out of it. Have a written document within their church, synagogue or temple, have a wedding ceremony with witnesses, put an announcement in the newspaper. The only paperwork they should draw up is paperwork to make sure their property and possessions are with Rights of Survivorship to each other, sign the documents necessary to make their (non-government) spouses guardian and executors in case of illness, hospitalization or coma, write Wills and Living Wills for each other - This is legal paperwork that gives the exact same protections as if married without actually having a government marriage certificate and it is available in every state.

There is nothing in Law that requires anyone to become "married" by or under the Government, and seeing that government does not honor one man/one woman marriage in any way at all anymore...


Marriage vows are not a piece of paper from the government.


Let homosexuals and lesbians have their marriage under Government. Let them pay the taxes for double income couples. Let them be held responsible for their spouses' debts and tax levies. Let them show they are much more "in tune" with real marriage and sexual intimacy than heterosexual couples, as they continually claim to be.

In the meantime, wash your hands from this unholy system and get divorced from it. Take your vows before your God and your God ONLY. Celebrate it and Embrace it! If you get low on cash, the wife can just go to the local welfare office and get some food stamps - after all, she will be a single parent, no? You'll get much greater Earned Income Tax Credits too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Globama gives the wink and nod to Iran

Not that declaring a moral equivalence between the Holocaust of 6 million Jews and the displacement of Arab Muslims during a War isn't bad enough - our eloquent, feel-good ,warm and fuzzy, share-the-wealth president literally gave Iran the wink and nod on its continued development of nuclear weapons which ARE clearly intended for use against Israel, more specifically...JEWS.

In Pharaoh Obama's "historic" speech on June 3, 2009 (yes, this is the endearment many Egyptians have bestowed upon the Yes-We-Can U.S. President), he threw Israel under the bus, indicating there was a "moral equivalence" between the 6 million Jews who were used as lab animals in horrific and demonic experiments, their children thrown alive into bonfires, gassed, beaten, tortured and starved to death during the Holocaust to that of the "displacement" of Palestinians during the 1967 6-day war.

Of course, Pharaoh Obama did not make nary a mention of the facts (even though he likes to call himself a "student of history"). He did not mention the fact that the displacement of the Palestinian Arabs living in the land of Israel were, in fact, caused by a war led by Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria as aggressors against Israel.

This is a middle east map. Can you find Israel on this map? Look up there on the left, about a little more than half-way up. Israel is located in about half of that little pink blob on the coast. It is virtually a postage stamp on a football field. Within it live about 5 million Jewish people.

Now look around it. That's the rest of the middle east and within it live about 250 million Arab Muslims.

Let's be clear. This isn't about a "State of Israel" to the Arab world. This is about a Jew, any Jew, setting foot on middle east dirt. Pharaoh Obama lived up to his Muslim heritage with the Arab world, just as they expected he would.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Geraldo Rivera, the Great American Pimp

While our president is busy sucking up favor with Hugo Chavez, much in the same way Slick Willy sold out to China, I want to comment on a little discussed matter of the Prostitution Tax.

Last night on O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera made a plea for legalizing prostitution, but this is what he said: "Let's out and out legalize it tax it!"

No pause, no dot dot dot, no comma after the "legalize it" part. Just "let's legalizeittaxit" - Yeah baby!! Let's legalize-something-so-we-can-tax-it! Woo hoo!!

I don't know much about Geraldo Rivera except I've just seen him doing his thing on FoxNews the last years and he always seems like he goes with whatever looks popular, right or left. He's left here, he's right there...He stays SAFE so he can get a lot of praise from whatever side might be handing it out that week and get him a lot of press.

But...at least I finally got a glimpse of what Geraldo really wants. He wants prostitution to be legalized so it can be taxed.

Excuse me, don't we have enough taxation already??

According to Geraldo's train of thought, we need even MORE taxation. Legalizing prostitution would most assuredly require MORE government intervention, MORE government regulation, MORE policing, MORE fees, MORE health workers, MORE welfare, MORE public health policy, MORE public health expenses, MORE pages in the Tax Code...MORE taxation.

Do you think a prostitution tax will cover all this? NOT going to happen. The taxpayers will end up paying MORE than what a prostitute can cover with her government-imposed taxation. Furthermore, how is government going to keep track of her account books? Will the government set up an accounting system for her? Appoint a Czar to oversee her books? Write policy on what she should be earning by the hour or night based on her demographics, age, looks, potential clientele?

To engage in any thought of this is digusting and backwards. The People made prostitution illegal for a reason! It is harmful not just to the woman doing it, but to everybody. To children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. It hurts neighbors, businesses and communities because it is a behavior based in desperation, unwillingness and coercion.

By legalizing it, government - The People - make it legitimate. It forces everyone in society to embrace it as a normal way of life, a normal activity, a normal and accepted way to make a living. There is nothing that can be further from the truth.

Geraldo Rivera's statements last night on O'Reilly are nothing more than a drooling lunge for more taxation and more burdens upon the American people.